The Hotel Brisot is located on the third kilometre of the provincial route to Ermioni, close to major attractions such as the famed Lemon Forest (800 m). Galata's town is 2.8 kilometers away and features magnificent walks as well as famous pubs with traditional cuisine and fine fish, extremely nice ouzo, and cafes. In the city's retail area, there are also two new safe playgrounds where children can play while you have your coffee, as well as a unique football pitch that is virtually on the sea.

However, the greater Galata area also provides alternative tourism possibilities such as climbing, horseback riding, boat rides that allow visitors to glimpse the bottom of the sea (semi-submarine), and boating in the calm sea in a lovely natural setting. Another excellent leisure option is to traverse Poros by boat in about a minute. In Poros, you may see the island's prominent attractions, including as the Russian Naval Station, the famous clock, and the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigis!

Starting from the magnificent Brisot Hotel in Galata Troyzinia, you have direct and simple access to a number of notable resorts and attractions, including:

The Magoula Vaulted Tombs (3km away).

Archeologists are fascinated by the three vaulted Mycenaean tombs unearthed in 1997 on a small hill on the coast of Pogona Bay. The oldest (5 meters) dates from the 16th century. The second has the smallest area (3.80 m), while the third has the largest (11 m).

Ancient Troizena (7km away).

It is situated on a hill above the current Troizina hamlet, close to the sea. The walls of the ancient city, date from the third century. The remains of two square towers and the lower half of a bigger one from the fifth century BC, known as the "Palace of Theseus."

Diabologefyros (11km away).

It is a ravine with centuries-old trees, plane trees, and natural beauty. It's in a steep terrain that leads to a canyon that crosses a river with little lakes and waterfalls. For nature enthusiasts, the area is a tiny paradise!

Methana (19km away).

With the hot springs and the volcano. Methana's famous thermal springs are a result of the area's volcanic activity. The three Methana thermal springs are accessible by road as well as footpaths and provide visitors with rest and relaxation following a lovely but challenging trek.

Didima Argolida (40km away).

It is a little village situated at the foot of Mount Didymos, and Pausanias mentions it in the second century AD. The two massive crater-shaped caves outside the hamlet are worth visiting because of their magnitude.

Epidaurus (48km away).

Because of the famed Ancient Theatre, it is one of Greece's most popular tourist sites. It is a popular summer destination due to the Athens-Epidavros Festival, as it is the core of the old theater and the capital's cosmopolitan and creative life.

Ermioni (40km away).

It is an amphitheatrically built on a pine-covered peninsula and is a popular and favored summer vacation in the Peloponnese with an island character. Together with Porto Heli, they form the so-called Peloponnesian Riviera, a popular worldly resort for celebrities and others.

Metochi (25km away).

It is a town on Argolis' southern coast, most known for its port, notably the beach of Agios Charalambos, which serves as the gateway to cosmopolitan Hydra.

Costa (58km away).

It is the shore at Portoheli that is located opposite the port of Spetses. It has been a popular tourist destination in recent years, and the majority of its residents work in the tourism industry.


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