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In order to provide you with the perfect vacation in the stunning Argolis, we warmly invite you to visit our freshly constructed, stylish, and friendly facility. Geographically, Brisot is in Galatas, but administratively, it is a part of Poros, which it boasts a stunning view of. The Brisot hotel, which is only a short distance from the sea and is situated in the middle of a region with significant historical and natural landmarks, guarantees you an exceptional getaway from ordinary life.

Every moment of your stay in Troizinia will be marked by luxury, elegance, modern comfort, and great taste because this area is flourishing as a tourist destination while yet maintaining its authenticity and natural beauty.

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Eleven luxurious rooms are housed in Brisot's two sleek, contemporary buildings. Four double rooms with views of the pool, the garden, and the mountain, as well as four double rooms with views of the pool and the sea, are available in the opulent hotel in Galatas. Additionally, there are 3 triple rooms with views of the mountain, garden, and pool.

Elegant Double Rooms Mountain View

Elegant Double Rooms Sea View

Elegant Triple Rooms Mountain View


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